KinDoo Kid's Korner

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see." 
                                                                                -John F. Kennedy
The KinDoo Family Center always envisioned having a place for children to be cared for,  as their parents attended the classes offered in Sewing, English, Cooking and Computers.
Space and personnel were the issues. The personnel was found and through the kindness of Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, the last available room in the center was provided as a solution.  John Benjamin Moore, a  volunteer, offered his services to repair, paint and clean the room to make it a bright and cheerful space for the children.  Another group of vounteers helped in making curtains, supplying furniture, toys and carpet to set up the KinDoo Kid's Korner.
What a joy to see the young children walk into the center with their parents and their excitement at having a bright and fun place to be!