“Never underestimate the Power of a Woman with a Sewing Machine.”  
The KinDoo Sewing Program was created to provide the necessary skills of operating a sewing machine and the sewing abilities to create one of a kind dresses, children’s clothing, aprons, tote bags, as well as household items such as pillows, curtains, etc.
That single goal, has led a group of women and men to participate in a creative and rewarding activity that has formed strong bonds of friendship and concern for others.
Little did we realize the unbelievable, amazing gifts that were hidden in our women just waiting for an opportunity to reveal themselves. The KinDoo Sewing Room was the answer to allow their hidden talents, ones they themselves did not know they possessed,  to come to life and create dresses, skirts, clothes for their children, household items, tote bags, and the list goes on and on.
The "Red Carpet Runway" at the end of the year celebration is a demonstration of the pride, talent, creativity and deterimination of each of these women and men who never used the word, CAN'T  and who got very used to a teacher saying "Rip It Out" 
It is heartwarming to see the joy and pride on students’ faces, as they showcase their handmade wares to their sewing teachers and volunteers. 
These women and men are also creating clothing for the children of Guatemala and Haiti. This life skill is enriching their lives as well as the lives of those they help benefit.
The sewing program enables women and men to not only acquire skills, but confidence. They are empowered with the opportunity to provide for their families. The skills they have learned will help to impact in their community by either teaching other’s sewing skills or by starting their own sewing businesses.
When you empower one, you empower many.